Hi, I'm Lee-Tal

I create playful experiences that connect people.

Question Cookies

earn a cookie by answering three intimate questions

Appreciation Station

receive an appreciation card for taking such good care of yourself

Nothing Vendor

get your ethically-sourced nothing capsules, concentrated for multi use

Roommate Finding Goggles

a warm fuzzy feeling will indicate that you've found your destined roommate

Street Matchmaking

our cupid crew will find you a soulmate right on the street

Interaction Tavern

this pop-up tavern in the woods serves not alcohol, but interactions

Friendship Gum Ceremony

celebrate your friendship by giving each other your chewed piece of gum

Blackmail Courier

you've got (black)mail from someone who holds your deleted selfies

Senseless Game

assignments that will make you lose your senses

Video Sampler

Nothing Vendor

Question Cookies

Appreciation Station

About me

I love people. 

I love nonsense.

I love doing nonsense with people, and I aim to bring people closer through play.

Growing up between the United States and Israel, spent 10 years of my life exploring countries and living in different places.

My travels brought me to the loneliest and most miserable moments of my life, as well as introduced me to the most magical experiences humanity has to offer.
It is these experiences that inspire me to wield the universal language of play and create a little ripple of joy around me.

If you resonates with my vibe or just wanna swap some random memes, feel free to hit me up!